Any modern, competitive company must have a social media presence.  For some, outsourcing that job is the best choice and Lithium is their secret weapon.  Their yearly conferences attract top companies like HP, Sephora, Autodesk, and Home Depot who all use their solutions.

I had the opportunity to edit a fun conference highlights piece, on-site, with the good folks from Kendall Concepts.

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TEDx conferences are a gathering of today’s leading thinkers. They hit topics like future technology, the environment, and social issues.  I had the opportunity to direct TEDx Monterey’s event this year, which was webcast live on Livestream.

Livestream is incredibly easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with the hardware in our new three-camera flypack.

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Spending 7 days wandering though the desert carrying a heavy location sound pack is not most people’s idea of a good time.  Of course, if you get to spend each night in a beautiful vacation cabin in the mountains it’s not quite so bad.  Extreme.  That was our experience shooting Broken, an independent feature film.  Shorts and sunscreen during the day.  Winter parka at night.  Good times with director Kevin Haskin and DP Brian Hamm.

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Concert Film

Working in tandem with The Track Shack, we produced a live concert CD and companion DVD for Darnisha Taylor.  Shooting a live event with DSLR’s has its challenges.  Once the workflow was nailed down though, it was a pretty easy edit using multi-cam in Finalcut.  Fortunately we had great talent in front of (and behind) the lenses.  Jeff Tamelier and Pat Wilder rocked the old R&B favorite Hold On, I’m Comin.

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Three Miracles

A series of three inspirational short stories. Miracles seen by people who were hopeless, or facing the death of a marriage, or on the verge of losing a child.   Produced for a celebration of Easter.

photography by Eric Maddox – music by Kyle Martin

[vimeo 22817963]
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Haiti: One year later

One year after the earthquake ravaged Haiti, Samaritan’s Purse has built over 50,000 shelters for homeless families. Visiting with one of their production crews, I edited a series of reports onsite from Haiti.  Even though the country seems buried in sadness, good things are happening.

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In the Wake of Giants

This is a documentary I mixed for my good friends at Akua Films which won “Best National Marine Sanctuary Short Film”  at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey.

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